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About us

Systeming was founded in 2010 to provide consulting services for data centres, supporting infrastructure and the management of critical infrastructure facilities. A major milestone in our development was in 2015 when we broadened our portfolio of services and extended coverage to the whole of Slovakia. We specialise in integrated technology, cleanrooms and energy efficiency.

Our mission

Riešime technické problémy obnovou a modernizáciou, čím šetríme prevádzkové náklady a životné prostredie.

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Why do we do it?

People of productive age spend many hours at work, day by day, year by year. It is not unusual for the working environment where they spend so much time to be unfit for purpose on even the most basic level, especially in the long-term perspective. Problematic areas include workplace safety, correct manufacturing methods or suitable environments for medical procedures.

The staff and users of such workplaces will know what we are talking about. Safety should always come first but we often find the opposite:

  • workers in industrial premises do not have suitable ventilation or cooling systems for their work needs or the extraction of hazardous substances
  • medical professionals do not have a sterile environment or effective auxiliary equipment for treating patients and improving care techniques

The world is progressing and so are workplace standards. Lack of funds and information can make it hard to give your facilities the development they need. Employers sometimes only remember the need for change after an employee develops a health problem, a patient’s treatment takes longer than necessary, or a machine breaks down stopping production at great cost.

By working with Systeming you can increase the safety and satisfaction of your employees, patients and medical personnel, upgrade your premises and increases the efficiency of your work and processes. Medical professionals will thus be able to provide better-quality care, conduct more advanced research and produce more effective medicines.

With nature in crisis, we are using the latest and most environmentally friendly technologies to help both people and the whole planet.

Time is precious, so we try not to waste yours. We keep our work and communication efficient, transparent and open. You can focus on developing your activities while we guarantee professional, high-quality supporting infrastructure for facilities that meet the functionality and quality needs of your employees and production.

The return on your investment will come in several forms:

  • time savings in your business activity
  • simpler production processes
  • greater work efficiency
  • lower operating costs

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get started. Together we can be heroes of a safe world that cares for the health of workers, patients, staff and everyone.

Our vision

Svet, v ktorom funguje moderná infraštruktúra s ohľadom na ekológiu je svet, ktorý si prajeme odovzdať ďalším generáciam.

Why us?

We have expertise and many years’ experience in implementing projects as well as a dedicated team of professional engineers, designers and specialists in energy and technology.

Many years of cleanroom experience
Solutions tailored to clients’ needs
Energy efficient solutions
Project financing through GES (EPC)
Guarantee of proposed parameters

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over 20 Partners

we have over 20 long-term partners We are grateful and appreciate all of them.

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