Prevent needless damage to health and property with regular inspection and maintenance


HVAC service

Professional service for technology
  • Ventilation
  • Cooling and air conditioning
  • Measurement and regulation
  • Heating
Service activities
  • Preventive inspections
  • Warranty service
  • Regular service and maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • F-gas monitoring
  • Filter management
  • Rental of ventilation and cooling equipment
  • Emergency service and on-call dispatching

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We conduct equipment measurement and diagnostics We ensure validation of cleanrooms in accordance with ISO14644 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments.

Basic scope of measurement
  • Cleanroom validation
  • Measurement of the quantity of distributed and extracted air and air changes per hour
  • Measurement of absolute and differential pressure in rooms
  • Measurement of temperature and relative humidity
  • DOP testing of filters and components
  • Testing and measurement of the integrity and tightness of HEPA filters and terminal filters
  • Laser measurement of particles
  • Tightness measurement
  • Measurement of CO2 and other gases on demand
  • Air flow visualisation
  • Validation protocol preparation


We provide service, cleaning and disinfection for the chambers of HVAC units, filtration elements, ducts and terminal devices with effective disinfectants harmless to the equipment.

Air dispersion

Aerosol spraying of disinfectant (particle size 10 to 150 μm) on surfaces. This method can be used in all rooms and permits quick and fuss-free application.

Dry fog

Touto metódou sú rozptýlené veľmi malé čiastočky dezinfekčnej látky (veľkosť menej ako 10 μm) v uzavretom priestore po dobu stanovenej expozície. Tým sa zabezpečí, že sa dezinfekčná látka dostane nielen na povrchy, ale aj do ťažko prístupných miest a dutín. Táto aplikácia je vhodná aj v priestoroch s elektrickými zariadeniami, bez ich poškodenia.

Technical facility management

Comprehensive provision for the operation of buildings and equipment
  • Upkeep and operation of technical equipment in buildings
  • Specialised service – professional service and repair of HVAC equipment, control and monitoring systems
  • Energy management
  • Professional inspection and testing of equipment (gas, pressure, lifting, electrics)
  • Emergency service and on-call dispatching
  • Information system supporting technical and administrative management of buildings and equipment

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