Central sterilisation facilities
Nové Zámky

FNsP Nové Zámky (teaching hospital)
Since 2021
Health care
Project implemented without interrupting healthcare provision


Ventilation and cooling

Comprehensive supply and installation of a new ventilation system including distribution elements and the routing of ventilation lines.

Central heating

A heating system in which heat for several rooms or several buildings is produced at one location and a heat transfer medium (water, steam, air) is used to convey it to other locations.

Measurement and regulation

Supply of a measurement and regulation system for HVAC. HVAC systems are managed by a central control system allowing fully automated unattended operation supplemented by an operator panel for local service access and an LCD control panel for routine operation.

Low-current, high-current electrical systems

Complete supply and installation of new electrical systems including low-current systems.

Sanitary systems

These are some of the most important systems in the buildings. They deliver drinking water supplies and remove waste to the sewers.

Medical gas supply

Full supply and installation of a medical gas system

Room validation

We conduct measurements, calibration, validation and re-validation of cleanrooms in accordance with ISO14644 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments.

Construction work including demolition work

Demolition of original partitions and construction of new rooms.

Construction solution

Modular panels of galvanised and stainless steel, including components, cleanroom doors.


520 m2

cleanroom panels in solution

M5.5 – M6.5

resulting cleanroom class

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